Small Bore Books Workshop

We’ve been a bit quiet lately, working away on several upcoming books. But also, working away on the Small Bore Books workshop. No longer are we are a (spare) bedroom press. We have our very own printery in a converted garage.


Stationery is stored in old display shelving which originally came from Londontown, an iconic Whanganui department store in Victoria Street open for business from 1928-1989. Our printer, for the train spotters amongst you, is a Xerox SC2020. We were going to give it a name, but nothing would come to mind. It’s not the most romantic looking tool and it doesn’t give off satisfying inky smells, but it gives us independence – control over what and how we print.

IMG_5124 (1)

I wonder if this set of drawers originally displayed haberdashery? Now they contain paper and other items a publisher needs to hand, including a rather large collection of marker pens.

Although this is where printing and compiling of books happens, we have a separate office (housed in a circular water tank) for copy editing and correspondence.

Emma Bugden, SBB Editor 


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